Tri-County Breastfeeding Connections 19th Annual Conference


Increase your knowledge base and professional lactation skills with our conference material! New research on topics relating to breastfeeding is exploding! The microbial world of the maternal-infant dyad, the undervalued resource role fathers play in breastfeeding, a new model for assessing and diagnosing potential issues with milk supply, changing the “formula feeding culture” so many of our societies face and learning as a professional what is evidence-based practice vs what requires more study are topics being explored in our conference.

Tri-County Breastfeeding Connections has selected a breastfeeding expert to provide in-depth information to help you elevate your knowledge and skill base and elevate the level of care you provide to your breastfeeding families.

Presentations will be made available beginning March 9th, 2021

Jarold “Tom” Johnston Jr., CNM, IBCLC

  • A Father’s Role in Breastfeeding (Newly Updated for 2020)

  • Still Swimming Upstream: Breastfeeding in a Formula Feeding World

  • The Making of Human Milk: A Clinical Update

  • New Insights Into the Maternal Child Microbiome

  • Promoting Provider Self-Efficacy in Breastfeeding Support



A Father’s Role in Breastfeeding (Newly Updated for 2020)                                                    90 Minutes

1. Discuss the value of engaged fathers and fatherhood.

 2. Advocate for recognition of fathers as equal partners in the breastfeeding and parenting relationships.

3. Describe effective teaching strategies to prepare fathers for their role as breastfeeding coaches.


Still Swimming Upstream: Breastfeeding in a Formula Feeding World                             60 Minutes

1. Discuss evidence of a formula feeding culture and the detrimental effects on breast feeding success.

 2. Evaluate common practices in American Hospitals, explore their origin and validity.

 3. Discuss the medical bias toward formula as a safety net.

 4. Discuss future policies that will promote breastfeeding as the cultural norm.


The Making of Human Milk: A Clinical Update                                                                                     90 Minutes

1. Define Milk Synthesis and Milk Production.

 2. Demonstrate basic working knowledge of available strategies for measuring milk supply (both synthesis and production, and their limitations.

 3. List helpful teaching strategies and counseling styles that will minimize the perceptions of inadequate milk supply.


New Insights Into the Maternal Child Microbiome                                                                          60 Minutes

1. Describe the Maternal-Newborn Microbiome.

2. Discuss the value of the microbiome and its effect on wellness.

3. Explain the symbiotic relationship between the baby and the breast and the role that Human milk plays in regulating the infant microbiome.

4. Discuss implications of the microbiome and dysbiosis.


Promoting Provider Self-Efficacy in Breastfeeding Support                                                        60 Minutes

1: Discuss the need for clinical lactation education for health care providers.

 2: Discuss Albert Bandura’s concept of Self-efficacy and the four requirements for self-efficacy.

 3: List effective clinical teaching strategies for health care provider students.

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